SELO Medical GmbH is a team of 17 to 20 people. The group of pharmacists, technologists, biologists, economists, lawyers and marketing specialists is led by Norbert Fuchs.

Norbert Fuchs

Norbert holds an pharmacy degree and is specialized in biochemistry and nutritional medicine. He has been responsible for R & D in the company group for more than twenty years. In this period, Norbert has developed multiple international patents, inter alia covering immunological, dermatological and neurological fields. Norbert and his team also developed the DEFLAMIN® patent which is central part of all ongoing and future SELO projects.

Markus Schlick

Markus holds a degree in law and is specialized in regulatory issues of food supplements and medical devices. Markus has been responsible for regualtory affairs within the company group for 11 years now.

Christian Kößlbacher

Christian holds a doctorate in economics. He gathered industrial experience in the automotive & construction machinery sector, and is responsible for financial management.

Gertrude Markolin

Gertrude is Biologist. She has been responsible for scientific support for food supplements and for technical documentation of medical devices for more than twenty years.

Anton Hlebaina

Anton is Biologist. His focus is on quality assurance. Anton is the Quality Representative and the Head of the Quality Assurance team of Selo Medical GmbH.

Christoph Hofstötter

Christoph holds a pharmacy degree. He is, together with his team, responsible for design and development.

Katharina Maier

Katharina is food technologist and the Head of Production. Katharina and her team guarantee for product quality and delivery in time.